Agenda & Meeting Materials


2014-2015 Agendas


April 2015Agenda

March 2015 Minutes Proposal to revise Budget Committee charge

March 2015Agenda

Feb 2015Agenda

Jan 2015 Minutes

Approved Athletic Schedules

presented to Senate as informational items

Jan 2015Agenda

Dec 2014Agenda

Approved Athletic Schedules

presented to senate as informational items

Nov 2014Agenda

Approved Athletic Schedules

presented to senate as informational items

Spring 2014 and 2015 Athletic Schedules

Letter Awards

Oct 2014 Agenda

Sept 2014 Agenda

Minutes May 2014

 2013-2014 Agendas


May2014 Agenda

April Agenda

April 2nd Special Meeting



Approved Athletic Schedules

presented to senate as informational items

Core Curriculum at NSSE peers NSSE 2013 Results

How institutions use NSSE:

Institute for Effective Practice; and


Jan2014 Agenda

1-22-2014 Student Code highlighted

Oversight Guidelines for J-Term for UCC

WCC – Fall 2013 Letter Awards

MFB – Fall 2013 Letter Awards

WSO – Fall 2013 Letter Awards

MSO – Fall 2013 Letter Awards

Dec 2013 Agenda

J Term Grading proposal

Motion Date Change_W

November 2013 business meeting was cancelled

Faculty Senate Exec Cmte hosted a Town Hall Meeting




CommunityEngagementSurveyCommunity Survey Timeline

JTerm Start and End Group – Summary

October 2013 Cmte Update



AACU General Education link

Dec 2009 Drake Curriculum Rpt

Approved Athletic Schedules

presented to senate as informational items

MBB – Spring 2014

Mens Golf – Fall 2013 Update

Mens Golf – Spring 2014

TRACK – Outdoor

Softball- Spring 2014

Womens BB – Spring 2014

Mens Tennis Spring 2014

Track – Indoor

 Sept 2013Agenda

UCC Charge_Sept2013

DCAC Charge_Sept2013

LEAP EssentialOutcomes_Chart

BHEF_Promoting Effective Dialogue Brief_(FINAL)

Lumina The Degree Qualifications Profile

2013 AACU Employer Survey

Approved Athletic Schedules

presented to Senate

as informational


Cross Country – Fall 2013

Men’s Golf – Fall 2013

Men’s Tennis – Fall 2013

Women’s Soccer – Fall 2013

Women’s Tennis Spr 2014 Update

Cross Country-Fall 13 Update

Mens Basketball – Fall 2013

Indoor Track/Field- Fall 2013

Mens Tennis Fall 2013

Womens Crew Fall 2013

Volleyball Fall 2013 Update

2012-2013 Agendas 



AAUPSalRatings 12-13

Academic Advising v2

Calendar 2014-2015

Proposed Senate Rules and Regs-May1 (4)


Open Access Policy 12Apr updated

Open Access Policy 12April

TIG Action Plan Summary 4-16-2013

2014 J-Term Reg 041713


EL implementation

RulesReg Cmte Report Apr 17

  Approved Athletic Schedules

presented to Senate as informational items 


Mens Soccer

Letter Awards Apr IAC

 Soccer – Women

Soccer – Men

Tennis – Women

Football – Fall 2013


Crew Scholars powerpoint

JTerm Assessment 2013 Faculty

JTerm Assessment 2013_Student

Crew Scholars Proposal

Experiential Learning_withUCC note

a portion of April 2011 Senate minutes

Grading motion


QIP-Senate 01-30-13

QIP-Senate 01-30-13_Updated

BSC Policy Document-final

BSC Motion Fac Senate 2-20-13



 CourseScheduleTestProject 20112012

From Faculty Senate minutes

Class Schedule Guidelines – Pilot Analysis for Fac Sen 021313


proposed Academic Calendars

Approved Academic Calendars

QIP Proposal


Quality Initiative Proposal

QualityInitiativeOverview from HLC





QIP Pathways FacSen Fall 2012


Oct1949Senate action on Grading 

 DCAC Faculty Senate Overview_Draft3 (2)


Grading amendment Dec 2012 






Honorary Degree Drake Medal Nomination_red text

Draft UCC Report on FYS Staffing


AGB Teagle Project 



BSC Task Force Final Report 2012

BSC Policy Document

BSC Background


GoalGroup rosters

J-Term Policy Implementation v2 acadcalendar impact on 2 0Draft Action plan v.6plusminus grading open forum notes
 Sept2012Agenda  –Resource GuideClean (Version 5) – Code of ConductCommencement Options
 Approved Athletic Schedules presented to Senate as information items
 Cross Country – Fall 2012  Indoor – 2012-13 Men’s Golf
Men’s Basketball  Outdoor – Spring 2013  Women’s Golf
Women’s Basketball  Softball Men’s Tennis
 Rowing – Spring 2013  Women’s Soccer  Men’s Soccer
 Rowing Fall  StudentAtheleteAbsences Women’s Tennis
 2011-12 Team Totals  Mens Golf Spring 2013
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