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Faculty Senate Presidents

2018-2019      Renee Cramer            AS

2017-2018       David Courard-Hauri   AS

2016-2017       Nancy Reincke           AS

2015-2016       Robert Soltis              PH

2014-2015       David Wright               JO

2013-2014       Deb De Laet               AS

2012-2013       Keith Summerville      AS

2011-2012       LouAnn Simpson        BN

2010-2011       Klaus Bartschat          AS


2009-2010       Phil Houle                  BN

2008-2009       Art Sanders                AS

2007-2008       Lou Ann Simpson       BN

2006-2007       Rick Morrow               PH

2005-2006       Matt Esposito              AS

2004-2005       Klaus Bartschat           AS

2003-2004       Nancy Reincke            AS

2002-2003       Art Sanders                 AS

2001-2002       Charles Phillips           PH

2000-2001       Lou Ann Simpson       BN


1999-2000       Dan Spencer                AS

1998-1999       Judy Allen                   AS

1997-1998       David Walker              LW

1996-1997       Rick Morrow               PH

1995-1996       Lou Ann Simpson       BN

1994-1995       Robert Hunter             LW

1993-1994       Dale Berry                   AS

1992-1993       Ron Troyer                  AS

1991-1992       Robert Hariman          AS

1990-1991       David Robinson          AS


1989-1990       Kaye Stoppel              LW

1988-1989       Hugh Winebrenner      AS

Faculty Senate began 1988-1989

University Senate ended 1987-1988

1987-1988       Walter Clark                AS

1986-1987       Rick Morrow               PH

1985-1986       Robert Woodward      JO

1984-1985       Lloyd Stjernberg         ED



Rules and Regulations of Faculty Senate (May 2013)

Listed below are the amendments to those Rules and Regulations

Year Month Motion # Add, Delete, Change Rules Section Description of Action
2016 April Add Section I.D. Immediate Past President
2014 Nov 15.1 Change Section I.A. Second and third sentence added
2014 Nov 15.1 Delete & Add Section I.B.2 Replaced Ex Officio paragraph with Presidents Replacement language
2014 Nov 15.1 Added Section II.A. Added words: “voting members of the”

Academic Calendar Construction Guidelines

Listed below are the amendments to those Guidelines (November 2012)

Year Month Motion # Add, Delete, Change Rules Section Description of Action
 2014 Dec 14.02  Change Submission of Grades (B)  Submission of Grades (B) that currently reads “Course grades for J-Term shall be due by 10:00 am on the fifth calendar day following the end date of the class” by replacing the word “fifth” with “twelfth.” (to be implemented immediately)
 2014 Dec 14.03 Add  January Term No on-campus classes shall be held on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.”


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