Motion Summary

Month Year Motion Action Description
Sept 2000 01-01 Passed Drake Graduates allowed to audit for Free Drake class
  01-02 Passed Contact colleges/schools to solicit three tenured faculty nominees to be balloted for University wide election to serve as a Hearing Committee
Oct 2000



No motions presented
Nov 2000 01-03 Passed Move to dissolve the Joint Committee on Student Concerns
  01-04 Passed To establish, for the purpose for Faculty Senate voting on a motion for discontinuance of a program
Dec 2000 01-05 Passed The Adult Learning/Adult Education, Specialist and Doctoral programs shall be discontinued
  01-06 Passed The Doctoral program in Counseling shall be discontinued
  01-07 Passed The Doctoral program in Curriculum shall be discontinued
  01-08 Passed The Technology Concentration program – Master’s degree shall be discontinued
  01-09 Passed The Master of Arts in Biology program shall be discontinued
  01-10 Passed The Minor in Fine Arts program shall be discontinued
  01-11 Passed The Interior Architecture program, formerly Interior Design, shall be discontinued.
  01-12 Passed The Major in Religion program shall be discontinued by the minor shall be continued
  01-13 Passed The Master’s Degree in Nursing programs with concentrations shall be discontinued
  01-14 Passed The Dept of Modern Languages and Literatures’ Prog shall be discontinued
  01-15 Passed DU to pursue opportunities for students to learn language other than English
Jan 2001 01-15 Failed Students earning a second Undergrad Degree need not satisfy the Drake Curriculum requirements


Unintentional misnumbering.
  01-17 Passed RPAC to serve President for remainder of Spr 2001 term
  01-18 Tabled Pres of FacSen elected by faculty at large to serve yr as Pres-Elect and year as Pres. of FacSen
Feb 2001 01-18 Passed Pres of FacSen elected by faculty at large to serve yr as Pres-Elect and year as Pres. of FacSen
  01-19 Passed Amend the Academic Charter at January 2001 Senate mtg
Mar 2001 01-20 Passed Amend 5:03 FacSen Committee on Assessment by adding sentence
  01-21 Failed Pres of FacSen elected by faculty at large to serve yr as Pres-Elect and year as Pres. of FacSen into effect to choose Pres-elect for 2002-2003
  01-22 Passed DU set calendars five years in adv. and consult DSM schools
Apr 2001 01-23 Passed Approve Spr Break 2002 – Mar 18-22, 2002
  01-24 Passed Approve final 02-03 Academic Calendar and initial 05-06 Academic Calendar
  01-25 Failed Endorse Fall and Spri Grad Calendar in CBPA to be changed
  01-26 Passed Precious Undergrad degree from DU be exempt from requirements of Drake Curriculum at DU for second degree
  01-27 Passed Policy concerning “W” mark be approved and published in University catalog
May 2001 01-28 Passed Est. the Institutional Planning & Review Committee (IPRC)
  01-29 Passed Extend RPAC until successors are elected
  01-30 Passed Amend Faculty Manual  5.16 GEC: Committee renamed Drake Curriculum Committee
  01-31 Passed Amend Fac. Manual  5.16 Advisement Sub-Committee abolished and responsibilities transferred to GEC (Drake Curriculum Committee)
  01-32 Passed Amend Fac. Manual  5.16 FYS Sub-Committee abolished and responsibilities transferred to Drake Curriculum Committee
  01-33 Passed Amend Fac. Manual with new Statement of Policy and Rules Relating to Patents
  01-34 Passed Amend change to Budget and Business Affairs Committee with additional language
  01-35 Tabled Committee description and composition for university benefits
  01-36 Passed To recognize Pres. Simpson for service and work

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