Academic Freedom & Tenure


  Name Unit Term of Service  
  Regular Members      
1 Geoffrey Wall PH Thru May 2020
2 Todd Evans JO Thru May 2020
3 Bart Schmidt CO Thru May 2020  Chair Dec 2017-Dec 2018
4 Sally Frank LW Thru May 2018  Past Chair

Dec 2016-Dec 2017

5 Colin Cairns AS Thru May 2018
6 Cris Wildermuth ED Thru May 2019
7 Brad Meyer BN Thru May 2019
Alternate Members
1 Rachel Paine AS Thru May 2018
2 Lee Jolliffe JO Thru May 2020
3 John Rozycki BN Thru May 2018
4 Tim Welty PH Thru May 2020
5 Shelley Fairbairn ED Thru May 2019
6 Mark Stumme CO Thru May 2018
7  Jonathan Rosenbloom  LW Thru May 2019


Committee Description

The Committee shall be the adjudicatory body for cases and controversies relating to academic freedom and tenure which are not resolved through informal procedures or through regular administrative channels. The Committee shall have seven regular members and seven alternates. Members of the Committee and alternates shall be members of the Faculty of Instruction with tenure. The principle of broad representation shall be honored. The Committee shall elect the Committee Chair annually in December. Alternates shall be called to serve on the Committee in order of preference by the electing authority. If a member and his/her alternate are both unable to serve, the electing authority will select from among other alternates, giving preference to the one whose term will expire the same year as the member in whose place the alternate will serve. Committee members and alternates, except those selected for short terms to fill vacancies and first elected, shall serve three-year terms. The terms of office shall be staggered on a basis of three-two-two with annual election. (Academic Charter)


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