Board of Student Communications





Term of Service


1 Jeff Inman


Thru May 2016
2 Geoffrey Bartlett


Thru May 2016
3 Rachel Paine


Thru May 2015
4 Megan Brown


Thru May 2015  2014-2015 Chair
1 Zachary Blevins
2 Ben Weinberg
3 Angela Rogers


Committee Description

The Board is a joint Faculty and Student Senate committee. Membership consists of three students and four faculty members, at least three of whom are from the Faculty of Instruction.

Of the three students, one shall be an elected Student Senator who will serve as Vice Chair and will have a one-year term. The remaining student members will be appointed by the Student Body President.

The Faculty Senate Executive Committee shall appoint the Chair from among the faculty members. The Chair will act as a moderator and cast the deciding vote in the case of a tie.


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