Honorary Degree & Drake Medal Committee






Term of Service


1 Kelly Ellis


Thru May 2016


Thru May 2017
3 Cris Kliethermes


Thru May 2017
4  James Wu


Thru May 2015 Position filled by All Staff Council
5 Claudia Frazer


Thur May 2016 2015-2016 Chair
5 Russ Lovell Emeritus Thru May 2016
6 Jim Hubbell Trustee Thru May 2016 Position filled by Board of Trustees Academic Affairs Committee


Committee Description

This committee reviews nominations for recipients of an Honorary Degree and the Drake Medals. The committee recommendations are presented to the Faculty Senate for their consideration.

The members of this committee (excepting the Board committee member) are appointed by the Faculty Senate Executive committee for staggered two-year terms. Membership should include three faculty representatives, one staff representative, and an emeritus representative.

A currently serving Board of Trustees member will be appointed to serve a two-year term. The Trustee member will be appointed by the Trustees Board of Affairs.

One faculty member shall be designated chair and another chair-elect.

(Committee membership revised April & May 2012)



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