Agenda & Meeting Materials

Parking-Recomendations 2019 January 2019

2018-2019 Agendas

2018-2019 Materials

Parking-Recomendations 2019 January
2019Feb Agenda Final Report Quan Literacy 2018

Artistic Final Report Feb 2013

DCAC reports are also found on that committee’s web page within the Senate website

Proposed ARFAC Description

Proposed Revised Rules

Motion to update Faculty Senate Rules

2019-2020 Senate composition

Note: the January 2019 meeting was cancelled due to weather related campus closure

2019January Agenda

Meeting Minutes Dec 2018

2020-2021 Academic Calendar

2022-2023 Academic Calendar
Dec2018 Agenda Senate minutes Nov2018

Equity and Inclusion Report

Nov2018 Agenda Amendment to Representation Resolution-R1 Senate minutes Oct2018
Oct2018 Agenda Representation Proposal 2019 updated Senate minutes Sept 2018 corrected
Sept2018 Agenda Indigenous Peoples Day Resolution – FINAL May2018 minutes

2017-2018 Agendas

2017-2018 Materials

May2018Agenda amended Representation Proposal from C Owens

April2018 minutes

REV Global and Cultural Understanding AOI

B Gilbert Email sent on May 2

Gilbert Proposed amendment to the Drake Academic Charter v2

GCU faculty survey May 2018

April2018Agenda_amended Representation_Background

Representation Proposal April 2018

March2018 minutes

background Faculty Policy

Core Values

AS Blanket Articulation Agreement 032718

AA Blanket Articulation Agreement_corrected

March2018Agenda Feb 2018minutes
Feb2018Agenda 2019-2020 Academic Calendar Feb2018

2021-2022 Academic Calendar Feb2018

Transfer Strategy

Jan 2018 minutes



Statewide Articulation Agreement Fall 2017

January 2018 Agenda Faculty_Compensation_Guiding_Principles_Spring2018

Global and Cultural Understanding Assessment Summary_2017-01-07

Dec2017 minutes
December 2017 Agenda Nov 2017 minutes


Drake MC Letter FA17

Missed Class Policy for Faculty Senate Exec Spring 16

Oct 2017 minutes

Approved Athletic Schedules presented to Senate as informational items

Women’s Golf Spring 2018 Softball Spring 2018


RDC Survey Results_Oct2017 Sept 2017 minutes

Approved Athletic Schedules

presented to Senate as informational items

Men’s Basketball Spring 2018

Men’s Golf Spring 2018

Men’s Tennis Spring 2018

Women’s Basketball Spring 2018

Women’s Tennis Spring 2018

Rowing Fall 2017

Track and Field Spring 2018

                  Sept2017Agenda Civic Action Plan Narrative

Civic Action Plan_slides

Faculty Senate Representation Motion

RDC for April Senate

May2017 minutes

Senate representation memo_2017Sept20

Approved Athletic Schedules

presented to Senate as informational items

Cross Country Fall 2017_0717

Football Fall 2017

Men’s Basketball Fall 2017_0824

Men’s Golf Fall 2017_0821

Men’s Soccer Fall 2017_0821

Men’s Tennis Fall 2017

Softball Fall 2017

Track Fall 2017

Volleyball Fall 2017

Women’s Basketball Fall 2017_0821

Women’s Golf Fall 2017

Women’s Soccer Fall 2017

Women’s Tennis Fall 2017

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