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Faculty Senate Presidents

2019-2020      Carrie Dunham-LaGree  Cowles

2018-2019      Renee Cramer            AS

2017-2018       David Courard-Hauri   AS

2016-2017       Nancy Reincke           AS

2015-2016       Robert Soltis              PH

2014-2015       David Wright               JO

2013-2014       Deb De Laet               AS

2012-2013       Keith Summerville      AS

2011-2012       LouAnn Simpson        BN

2010-2011       Klaus Bartschat          AS

2009-2010       Phil Houle                  BN

2008-2009       Art Sanders                AS

2007-2008       Lou Ann Simpson       BN

2006-2007       Rick Morrow               PH

2005-2006       Matt Esposito              AS

2004-2005       Klaus Bartschat           AS

2003-2004       Nancy Reincke            AS

2002-2003       Art Sanders                 AS

2001-2002       Charles Phillips           PH

2000-2001       Lou Ann Simpson       BN

1999-2000       Dan Spencer                AS

1998-1999       Judy Allen                   AS

1997-1998       David Walker              LW

1996-1997       Rick Morrow               PH

1995-1996       Lou Ann Simpson       BN

1994-1995       Robert Hunter             LW

1993-1994       Dale Berry                   AS

1992-1993       Ron Troyer                  AS

1991-1992       Robert Hariman          AS

1990-1991       David Robinson          AS

1989-1990       Kaye Stoppel              LW

1988-1989       Hugh Winebrenner      AS

Faculty Senate began 1988-1989

University Senate ended 1987-1988

1987-1988       Walter Clark                AS

1986-1987       Rick Morrow               PH

1985-1986       Robert Woodward      JO

1984-1985       Lloyd Stjernberg         ED

Rules and Regulations of Faculty Senate (original May 2013)

Listed below are the amendments to those Rules and Regulations

Year Month Motion # Add, Delete, Change Rules Section Description of Action
2017 April 17.14 Change Section IV.A.2 Added All Staff Council Chair as Ex Officio member of Executive Committee
2016 Feb Add Section I.D. Immediate Past President
2014 Nov 15.1 Change Section I.A. Second and third sentence added
2014 Nov 15.1 Delete & Add Section I.B.2 Replaced Ex Officio paragraph with Presidents Replacement language
2014 Nov 15.1 Added Section II.A. Added words: “voting members of the”

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