Motion Summary

Month Year Motion Action Description
Sept 2002 03-01 Passed Motion to approve Mission and Vision Statement
Oct 2002 03-02 Passed Amend the Tuition Rebate Policy
Nov 2002 No new motion
Dec 2002 03-03 Passed To approve the creation of a Fac Sick Leave Policy
03-04 Passed The University Benefits Committee (UBC) develops policy for non medical leave
Jan 2003 03-05 Passed Change to Fac Manual section 4.52: 4.527 Split Sabbatical Option
03-06 Passed To est a task force to examine, report on, and make recommendations concerning procedures AND STANDARDS for tenure and promotion across the University
Feb 2003 03-XX Passed Delete the word ‘unmarried’ in third part of UBC policy
Mar 2003 03-07 Passed Change the Human Subjects Research Review Subcommittee to the Institutional Review Board
03-08 Passed To accept and support the Alcohol Awareness Week resolution from the Student Senate
03-09 Passed To accept from the UBC the 2003-2004 Health Plan recommendations
03-10 Failed Senior Advisory Council (SAC) presented proposed changes in the Retiree Medical Benefits.
03-11 Tabled UBC concerning creating a change to a 3-tier health plan
03-12 Passed To approve the Fall 2004-Spr 2005 Academic Calendar
03-13 Passed To approve Spring Break for 2004 as March 22-26, 2004
03-14 Motion from University Curriculum Committee to change the guidelines for the Construction of the DU Calendar Section 2
Apr 2003 03-17 Failed Change the 2.0 GPA Participation Rule based on the following Student Senate motion

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