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Month Year Motion Action Description
Sept 2003

No new motions
Oct 2003

No new motions
Nov 2003

No new motions
Dec 2003 04-01 Passed The FacSen presents to the Board of Trustees the unanimous opinion that the health benefits of retirees (hired before 1994) are inviolable
Jan 2004 04-02 Passed UBC to focus on retiree benefits this Spr and next year look more fully at other health benefits including tier system and salary based premium structures
04-03 Passed Amend the Avademic Charter (Section II, paragraphs B and C and following) defines University Fellows and Adjunct Professors and other part-time instructors
Feb 2004 04-04 Passed To endorse the Student Senate motion to add a Bias Statement to the Code of conduct
Mar 2004 04-05 Passed To Amend the Academic Charter Section II, Academic Rank, paragraphs D and E
04-06 Passed Discontinue the Information and Resource Policies and Issues Committee
Apr 14,2004 04-07 Passed Motion to approve Spring Break March 21-25, 2005
04-08 Passed Approve the Academic Calendar of 2005-2006 and 2008-2009
04-09 Passed Amendment to Article VI of the Academic Charter by adding sections for: Stopping the Tenure Clack or Tenure Clack Extensions
04-10 Passed Approve new version of Nondiscrimination Statement and approve Statement on Diversity for use in Fac Manual and other University documents
04-11 Tabled Abolish Institutional Planning and Review Committee (IPRC)
Apr 28, 2004 04-11 Passed Abolish Institutional Planning and Review Committee (IPRC)
04-12 Passed To (re)create the Budget Committee

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