Motion Summary

Month Year Motion Action Description
Sept 2004 05-01 Passed Approval of wording for the Nondiscrimination Statement
Oct 2004 05-02 Passed Approve an amended Bias-Motivated Offenses Statement to Section III of the Code of Student Conduct
Nov 2004 05-03 Passed Motion to endorse the Mission Explication
05-04 Passed Motion to co-sponsor the Humana presentations

Motion misnumbrered
Dec 2004

No new motions
Jan 2005 05-06 Tabled Motion to change the catalog description of the ‘Incomplete’ and the ‘In Progress’ Grade
Feb 2005 05-06 Passed Refer to previous
05-07 Passed FacSen endorses the recommendation of the Retiree Benefits Task Farce and the University Benefits Committee that DU switch all Medicare-eligible participants to the “Humana Gold Choice” plan
05-08 Passed Approve the recommendation from the University Curriculum Committee to grant official university recognition to the Global Ambassador certificate program
05-09 Passed Approve the recommendation from the university Curriculum Committee that after successful completion, academic concentrations and certificate programs shall appear on the student’s transcript.
05-10 Passed Approve 2006-2007 and 2009-2010 calendars with the following amendment to the GUIDELINES FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE DRAKE UNIVERSITY CALENDAR Section 2.D.
Mar 2005 05-11 Passed FacSen approves March 20-24, 2006 as Spr Break
02-12 Passed Accept the Sabbatical Task Force report
05-13 Passed Accept Environmental Task force recommendation to adopt Statement on Sustainability, and the formation of FacSen standing committee
05-14 Tabled Motion to accept the University Curriculum Committee (UCC) recommendation to change the “Day Free for Study” policy found in the Fac Manual Sec 2.16 Day Free for Study
Apr 2005


No new motions
May 2005


No new motions

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