Motion Summary

Month Year Motion Action Description
Sept. 2011 12-01 Passed Student Code of Conduct Revisions for better rights of accused and victim
12-02 Passed Create an ad hoc LMS Review Committee
12-03 Passed Amend motion 11-15 for word changes of January Session
12-04 Passed Add to the Sabbatical Policy to get Drake back up to the 20-30 percentile nationally
12-05 Passed Amend the Academic Charter on the Conditions of Academic Tenure
12-06 Passed Change “Final Exam Week” to “Final Examination Week”
Oct. 2011 12-06 Passed Making the Advising Process better by having goals for advisors and students
12-07 Passed Approve December Commencement changes in Catalog
12-08 Passed Accept the UCC End of Year Report from May 2011
Nov. 2011 12-09 Passed Approve changes to the Faculty Manual that include updated procedures, URLs, and Sabbatical Leave
12-10 Passed Approve the revised Academic Calendars for 2012-2013 and 2013-2014
Dec. 2011 No motions were presented
Jan. 2012 12-11 Passed Endorse Course Scheduling Guidelines Test Project
12-12 Passed Amend the Academic Calendar for 2012-2013 and make the Summer term 75 days instead of 73
Feb. 2012 12-13 Passed Approve Code of Student Conduct revisions that included Provisions of Initiating a Complaint and Medical Amnesty
12-14 Passed Grant Emerita Faculty to Jan Marston
March 2012 12-15 Passed Thank you wishes to Margie Davidson
12-16 Passed Setting a standardized grading deadline for Faculty
12-17 Passed Amend Transfer of Credit section regarding the acceptance of military credit
12-18 Tabled Endorse the Responsible Use of Information Technology Resources Policy
April 2012 12-18 Passed Approving Motion 12-18
12-19 Passed Accept the LMS Committee report
12-20 Passed Amend the Honorary Degree and Drake Medal Committee description
May 2012 12-21 Passed University Service Recognition for Victoria Payseur and Wanda Everage
12-22 Passed Amend the Honorary Degree & Drake Medal Committee membership
12-23 Passed Approve the 2013-2014 Academic Calendar
12-24 Passed Approved the dates for December Commencement in 2012 and 2013


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