Motion Summary

Month Year Motion Action Description
Sept. 2013

No Motions
Oct. 2013

No Motions
Nov. 2013

No Motions
Dec. 2013 14-01 Passed Changed the last date at which a student may withdraw a class with a ‘W’ to five days after midpoint of semester
  14-02 Passed Changed the wording in Faculty Manual and Academic Calendar Construction Guidelines section for Submission of Grades regarding J-Term deadline
  14-03 Passed Academic Calendar Guidelines amended concerning Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Amendment also passed.
Jan. 2014 14-04 Passed Approve Spring Break for 2015
  14-05 Passed Endorse standards for J-Term courses
Feb 2014 14-6 Passed Endorse changes to the Code of Student Conduct
  14-7 Tabled Add catalog language concerning Academic Attire (Kente stoles)
  14-8 Passed Confirm 2015-2016 and Approve 2017-2018 non-Law Academic Calendar
Mar 2014 No Motions
April 2, 2014 Special meeting – No Motions
Apr 2014 14-9 Passed Create Ad Hoc Committee on General Education Curricular Reform
May 2014 14-10 Passed Recommendation to delay experiential learning
  14-11 Passed Endorse University record retention as an official function of the new University Archives within Cowles Library
  14-12 Passed Replace Catalog text for President Deans list
  14-13 &14-14 Passed Honorary Degree & Drake Medal recommendations


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