Motion Summary

Month Year Motion Action Description
Sept. 2012 13-01 Passed Endorse the Student Code of Conduct specifically with the Student Resource Guide Pertaining to Sexual Misconduct
13-02 Passed Endorsing the responsible use of IT Resources
13-03 Passed Endorse the Strategic Plan from 2013-2017
13-04 Passed May 2013 Commencement on Sat/Sun May 18/19
Oct. 2012 13-05 Passed Endorse BSC Task Force Five Recommendations
Nov. 2012 13-06 Passed Revise language within the nomination call for Honorary Degrees and Drake Medals. Amendment also passed on the nomination paragraph
13-07 Passed Endorse UCC recommendations on Drake Staff Teaching First-year Seminars and being applied across Drake’s curriculum
13-08 Passed Approved guidelines for the construction for the Academic Calendar
13-09 Passed Approve 2014-2015 Academic Calendar
Dec. 2012 13-10 Passed Drake establish plus/minus grades in undergraduate/graduate and professional programs
Jan. 2013 13-11 Passed Approve Spring Break for 2014
13-12 Passed Approve Academic Calendar for 2015-2016 and 2016-2017
13-13 Passed Proposed the creation of an ad hoc committee for the Faculty Senate Rules and Regulations “cleanup”
Feb. 2013 13-14 Miscounted Motions
13-15 Passed Endorse the Quality Initiative
13-16 Passed Endorse Course Scheduling Guidelines that was presented as a Test Project
13-17 Passed Amend BSC policy to account for removal of ‘organizations’
13-18 Passed Endorse the creation of a University Archives to be hosted by Cowles Library
March 2013 13-19 Passed Approve Crew Scholars Program Proposal
13-20 Passed Changed the grading policy in the Faculty Manual for plus/minus grading
13-21 Passed Delays the implementation of Experiential Learning requirement until Fall 2014
April 2013 13-22 Passed Approve the updated Open Access Policy
May 2013 13-23 Passed Confirm the 2014-2015 Academic Calendar
  13-24 Passed Amend Faculty Manual (section I. 431) Senate Rules & Regulations




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