Board of Student Communications


  Name Unit Term of Service  
1 Jeff Inman SJMC Thru May 2020 Co-Chair
2 Jen Thoma SOE Thru May 2020
3 Catherine Staub SJMC Thru May 2019
4 Carol Spaulding-Kruse  A&S Thru May 2019
1 Jessie Spangler JO Senator Co-Chair
2 Editor-appointed representative
3 Aileen Acosta Student Senate appointed
4 Hannah Horowitz Student Senate appointed

Board Membership

The Board of Student Communications (hereafter referred to as “BSC”) shall have eight voting members, and other non-voting members determined as described below.

The representation on this committee shall be four faculty members and four students. The Faculty Senate shall appoint the faculty co-chair, and the student co-chair shall be the elected School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC) Senator. In the fall, the faculty co-chair will be responsible for drafting agendas and facilitating meetings; in the spring, the student co-chair will have this responsibility instead of the faculty chair. This will be a full transition and vest the rights of the chair to the SJMC senator.

Faculty members will serve staggered, two-year appointments. At least two of the faculty members will be from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, or any complimentary major within another school (i.e. the Arts and Sciences representatives from English, Rhetoric, etc). The remaining member must serve in the faculty of instruction.

Student members will serve for one-year appointments. Of the four student members, one shall be the elected School of Journalism and Mass Communication Senator, one shall be the Student Senate Organizational Council Senator, and one shall be a student in at least their second-year at Drake who is not active in an editorial board position of any publication and who is appointed by the Student Body President. The BSC organizational chiefs shall chose the fourth member of the BSC in the first two weeks of the fall semester via majority vote. In the event of a tie, the student co-chair shall cast the deciding vote.

Non-voting members shall include all appointed BSC position holders of each student publication under the supervision of the BSC. A representative of the Dean of Students Office, appointed by the Dean of Students, shall be a non-voting member. Other individuals may be designated as non-voting members by the BSC.

Voting faculty members shall be selected as determined by the Faculty Senate. Should a faculty voting member resign, the Faculty Senate shall provide a successor to fill that office for the remainder of the vacating member’s term.


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